Pilgrim Artifact Auction

This auction is an opportunity for you to purchase a piece of history to help us fund our future Maritime Programs and support our next chapter.   

Pilgrim Memories

 I was blessed to spend a night aboard her with my 4th-grade class at Barcelona Hills Elementary. It is still one of my favorite memories. My teachers both instilled in me a love for history through the activities we participated in during the 4th and the 6th grade. In fact, I credit them with my becoming a teacher and specializing in history and math. Thank you, Pilgrim and staff, for the memories and the time and love of history you instilled in a 10-year-old girl. I am blessed to have been a part of your journey and am more blessed that you were a part of mine. 

Nicole Petillo

At first glance, she looked so simple. However, after my Ocean Institute Deckhand Rating training aboard the ship, I realized what a remarkable Golden Age of Sail cutting edge technological achievement our brig “Pilgrim” exemplified. Kudos to all who maintained the magnificent wooden structure over the years. 

Dr. Jeff Huston

Two of my daughters had the privilege of doing an overnight on the Pilgrim when they were in 4th grade at St. Edward. It is by far one of their best grade school memories. What unique opportunity to bond with classmates and teachers! 

Wendy Mulvihill

In the late 80’s I was part of the maintenance crew and had the good fortune to sail on several of her annual sails. First and Second mates, Bob Smirl and Doug Cory, oversaw the maintenance crew and fulfilled the same positions when we sailed. Charlie Finger - a longshore boatman from Long Beach - was our Bosun. We had many adventures - literally on the high seas- especially sailing out to Catalina Island, San Clemente Island and up to the other Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara. Climbing up the rigging, furling and unfurling sails was hard & challenging. We worked in 4 hour watches; sleep was not forthcoming especially when the engine was fired up! The crew was a committed team of people with a passion for the Pilgrim. I’m very happy that I had this experience which was unique and rewarding.

Alison Keogh

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